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captioned by the national captioning institute concerns and our country over the crisis in libya -- the situation is only getting worse. there are growing concerns on
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the impact in our country. gunfire and rockets echo throughout libya. the attacks are becoming more violent as rebels move toward tripoli. reports that gaddafi fighters are firing indiscriminately in civilian areas. >> all i saw were bombs and bullets. we're trying to escape and come back. i was begging everybody to give me a ride. it was really scary. >> as the violence escalates, so are fears that libya may head towards a civil war. that could last months, even years. residents in tripoli rose to celebratory gunfire. residents in the outlying systems say it is not true that gaddafi forces have been successful. prices at the pump that, are surging toward $4 per gallon. in response, u.s. officials are considering tapping into oil
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reserves. >> the issue of the reserves is one we are considering. it has been done in very rare occasions. >> most of us have been unable to ignore the surge in gas prices. the current national average for a gallon of gas is $3.50 per gallon. that is up 33 cents in just the past month. it is up 75 cents from a year ago. we heard william daley talk about the strategic oil reserve. can this be a substitute to? >> there are 327 million barrels, approximately that is good for what they say will be a couple of months of energy consumption for the united states. but i do not know if this will actually be a move they will make. it is a very rare thing that they do. it happens when different
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gulfcoast states are hit by hurricanes or when we were involved in kuwait in 1991 and 1992. the administration would be making a huge statement if they move to do it appeared >> it is a last resort for us. but the gas prices continued to rise and the obama administration is looking for other ways to respond. what other options can we see? >> the national average of a gallon of gas is $3.51 per barrel, which is something the administration is monitoring closely. but it is something they're looking at in terms of a menu of economic factors. right now, we have an unemployment report that came out. it is not affected. what you hear from william daley is that it is something they're considering and stephen to says -- steven chu was not
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wanted to affect the economy just quite yet. >> they have to be careful to get there were drag. the average price of gas jumped 17 cents from last week. >> i do not think they will want to set a particular number. in washington, one of the things that people say is that we do not want to give a specific goal because we do not want to fall short or miss a deadline. they do not want to put increased pressure on a situation. it is something that is completely in flux. it is the tenuous situations in egypt and libya is getting more attention right now. it seems to be more drawn-out. but i think they will proceed cautiously. >> of the violence is escalating in libya and the u.s. is moving forces closer. it has not implemented a no-fly zone. this is something we could see happen in the future.
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what are some of the difficulties connected with the complex operations like this. -- like this? >> you are seeing a divide come even today, between congressional leaders and the administration. three top senators today, john kerry, the chairman of the foreign relations committee, and ms. mcconnell and senator john mccain, who ran for president in 2008 and who is a leading person in foreign affairs, said that they would support the implementation of a no-fly zone , but robert gates has been saying that he is not quite ready to make that move. it is a very strong statement in terms of the administration. the have been very careful to support the uprising is in terms of civil rights. but they cannot take a stand concretely 1 n.a. -- one way or the other and implement a no-fly zone. >> thank you. looking ahead to tomorrow, a
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rally for immigrant rights in maryland. about 1500 people will gather in annapolis. demonstrators will oppose what they call the 29 anti- immigration bill. there will also bill for more immigrant access to higher education. the rally begins at 7:00 p.m. meanwhile, lawmakers have a busy day ahead with two big bills on the doctor appeared to expect to pass a bill that will significantly tightened the ban on texting while driving. current maryland law says it is illegal to send a message while driving. the showdown over gay marriage in maryland takes center stage this week. the vote is expected by the full house of delegates on the bill legalizing marriage between same-sex couples. but it includes protection for religious groups who do not want to perform gay weddings.
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in other news, a court hearing is scheduled this week in the stabbing case of brandon banks. the man suspected of wounding him is set for preliminary hearing on tuesday morning. the incident happened last month outside of an upscale d.c. park. he suffered a collapsed lung, but has been released from the hospital. still ahead, an iconic politician on the world stage is having a trial. we will preview the charges he is facing next. on the boardwalk, a maryland landmark is skipping the makeover. most of the rain is out of the area. but now there is a little bit of light snow to the west of
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if convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison and a $200,000 fine. the suspect in a fatal tucson shooting is headed back to court. a 49-count indictment was filed against him on friday. he is accused of fatally shooting six people and wounding 13 others, including congresswoman giffords.
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the landing marks discovery's final mission. the entire fleet will be retired. iconican city's boardwalk is about to go over -- is about to undergo a makeover. a poll shows that 50% of voters want to keep the all-wood board surface. the other two less popular options include concrete. the four council members make a final decision, they will take public comments at the meeting tomorrow night. and the nfl and players union agreed to extend the bargaining -- the collective bargaining agreement until next week. both have already met with a federal mediator. there is a big split over dividing revenue.
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we still have hockey and basketball to watch. the capitals had to tell but more. on wednesday, they will welcome the edmonton oilers to town. the wizards are in action at home on tuesday. on saturday, the l.a. clippers come to town. coming up, an investigation into a practice that is legal, coming up, an investigation into a practice that is legal, but
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a showdown takes a new twist. brown says he may deal with the gray administration in return for giving his support to break in last year's mayoral campaign. he is now asking the d.c. council and the district attorney general to review brown's allegations. a volunteer firefighter took a fire truck on a drunken joyride and smashed into a deputy patrol car. 27-year-old swanson was speeding down the road. four other volunteer firefighters, who had also been drinking, were also in the truck. swanson was charged with driving under the influence. the man who police say is the east coast repairs will make his first court appearance
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march. he will face a judge, even though police say that he tried to hang himself in the jail cell. he was taken to the hospital last night, but was returned to jail earlier today. he remains on suicide watch. he is charged with 17 attacks in four states, including virginia and maryland. the weather was another big story. >> a lot of rain and just enough cold air. we have snow and some winter weather advisories. this is earlier this evening. can you believe it? they are shoveling and shivering at harpers ferry, west virginia. be sure to tune into "good morning, washington" starting at 4:30 a.m. we will update you on any delays or cancellations. there may be a few early in the morning. these guys are starting to clear a little bit. but the rain has come to -- the
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skies are starting to clear or a little bit. the rain has come to an end for now. the wind is out of the north at 20 m.p.h. could in frederick, md., is 33 degrees. we have a winter weather advisory for the morning. so far, today, they have picked up nearly 3 inches of rain. they may add an inch or two inches of snow to that later tonight. here is the cold air funneling in from the northwest. the warmer air is rising. it is 54 degrees in boston and new york city. the back edge of this system is where the snow is located. you can look at the radar and see where the heaviest snow is well to the north of us. as you head towards our region, we are looking at moderate snow to the west of us. the snow will continue for the
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next couple of hours. that is why the national weather service has expanded the winter weather revisory and now includes frederick county maryland and loudon county and points toward the west could way off to the west, they have started to cancel the -- toward the west. we often u.s., they have started to cancel the advisor. -- way off to go west, they have started to cancel the advisory. high pressure will move bin and we will see wind out of the northwest tomorrow. temperatures will be in the upper-40's and up to 50 degrees. there will be more rain by thursday. rain and snow will come in. you will see plenty of sunshine tomorrow morning, but there will be slick spot. the temperature will be 35 degrees in the district. there will be bright sunshine with 45 degrees to 50 degrees for the daytime high.
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rainy weather will arrive late wednesday and into thursday appeare. we thought it would only be to the mountains. it moved more to the east. >> people need to take it easy to more morning. weekly doctors are being paid by pharmaceutical
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highlighting the big money from a single company is better paying -- highlighting the big money pharmaceutical companies are paying doctors. >> it is perfectly legal for pharmaceutical companies to pay physicians appeared but one group -- pay physicians. but when 100 two million dollars exchange hands into use, patients should be asking questions. you should find out if your doctor is on this list. local physicians came up big. no. 12 in the nation, a vienna internist made $129,000 for speaking and consulting fees. dr. sidney wolfe is an expert. >> the doctor will never it
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meant that he or she is influenced by this money. i am a doctor. do you think that $129,000 will influence me? yes, i do. >> you can find out how much your doctor or any doctor received in 2009 and 2010 could a bethesda internist was paid $208,000. a washington d.c. -- washington, in more thantold thepulled $200,000. one pharmaceutical giant says this allows "physicians to educate other health care professionals on the use, see become and benefit of our mattis and." patients, ultimately benefit when physicians are well informed. >> it is helpful to learn ,irsthand from someone appeare
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especially someone who is viewed to be a practicing physician. >> but all this money can pressure some doctors to promote more costly medications that benefit drug companies more than patients. >> patients cannot be assured that the prescription written for them is the safest and most effective and least expensive drug. that is a really big problem. >> we have a difference in perception and reality. >> in 2013, all drug companies will be required to report this information. we reached out to several local doctors near the top of this list. none of them would talk with us on camera. to see if your doctor is on this list and to read about drug company statement on this issue, go to our website. company statement on this issue, go to our website. [ alarm sounding ] ♪

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